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Mobile Vending Truck

Mobile Vending Truck Mobile Vending Truck Mobile Vending Truck Mobile Vending Truck Mobile Vending Truck Mobile Vending Truck
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Model Number: KFT5042XSH4

The Mobile Vending Truck is well suitable for selling rare and ripe fast food, cold/hot drinks, snacks and so on in different locations. It is also simply called as a food truck.

1. Fashionable modular design
2. Systemized and integrated configurations can meet customers’ different needs
3. Light curb weight and large payload
4. Energy-economic & environment-friendly interior materials (stainless steel interior walls and embossed aluminum floor)

Technical Parameters

Truck model KFT5042XSH
Chassis model JMC JX1042TG24
Truck external dimensions (L×W×H) 5995×1920×2860mm
Compartment internal dimension(L×W×H) 4350×2236×2100mm
Weight 4495kg

As the life pace is speeding up, more and more people wish to conveniently buy what they want to eat instead of spending much time in finding a restaurant, which creates business opportunities for some self-employed entrepreneurs or catering companies. The mobile vending truck saves you from spending much money on store rent and worrying about low traffic due to bad location and makes it possible to sell your products at any location you want.
The appearance of the mobile vending truck is fashionable and eye-catching, and the internal equipment can be installed in accordance with your specific requirements. The mobile vendor can be used as catering truck, mobile snack vendor, mobile beverage vendor, etc.

Main Configurations
Cooking equipment, kitchen table, water tank, sewage tank, exhaust fan, hand sink, storage cabinet, illumination lamp, etc.

Tourist attraction
Busy business district
High-end residential area
Large-scale outdoor activity
Industrial area

Related Names
Food Truck, Mobile Food Truck, Mobile Food Van, Fast Food Truck, Mobile Shop Vehicle, Mobile Cooking Vehicle.

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