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Since its inception in 2003, KF has been trying its best to produce leading-edge shelters and special vehicles. Our products like expandable shelter, refrigerated truck, mobile vendor, mobile hospital, and so on are well-received and highly-praised by domestic and overseas clients.

Mobile Hospital


KF exported a set of Mobile Hospital to South America in 2012. The Mobile Hospital is the first one in the destination. It offers operation theatre, ICU room, image diagnosis, medical inspection and treatment for emergency rescue in disasters and medical care in remote areas. We provide a customized system solution proposal according to emvironmental conditions and user's requirement.


Mobile Vending Truck


KF exported 2 sets of Mobile Vending Trucks, which were loaded into the standard 20’ shipping containers to Armenia.


Refrigerated Truck


KF supplied Refrigerated Trucks to Lenovo China, KFC and McDonald’s in China to chain stores for transporting food materials.


Refrigerated Truck


KF supplied Refrigerated Trucks to our client for meat transportation to guarantee the hog market. The whole process of cold chain transportation ensures the freshness of meat.


Refrigerated Truck


KF supplied Refrigerated Trucks to S.F. Express to provide our client with efficient logistics transportation solutions.


CKD Refrigerated Truck Body


From 2007 to 2010, KF exported different sizes of Refrigerated Truck Bodies and CKD to Oceania.


Vehicular Mobile Hospital System


KF supplied Vehicular Mobile Hospital System to Tibetan Plateau. The system provides medical unit, ward unit and logistics unit. This Vehicular Mobile Hospital System is developed as a working platform of ordinary medical services to the public in remote areas and emergency medical rescue for disaster relief in peace time and field battle in war time.


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