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Military Shelter

Military Shelter Military Shelter Military Shelter
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Model Number: KFZH-S-SDSK

The external dimensions of the Military Shelter are the same as these of an ISO 20ft international shipping container.

The Military Shelter is a two-side expandable shelter (manual type). It is manually operated and its expanding time is less than 5 minutes by 2 persons. After expansion, the inner usable area of shelter is 33.6 m2. It has the same external dimensions as ISO 20ft shipping container during transportation.

Disaster rescue: hospital
Field life: kitchen room, laundry, camp, meeting room, library, lab, office
Wartime support: command post
Military training: simulation

1. 100% mechanical, no need for external power
2. Excellent performance in all kinds of climates
3. Simple operation and convenient maintenance
4. Competitive price

Technical Parameters
External dimensions before expansion (L×W×H): 6058×2438×2438mm
Internal dimensions before expansion (L×W×H): ≮5200×1730×2100mm
External dimensions after expansion (L×W×H): 6058×5845×2438mm
Internal dimensions after expansion (L×W×H): ≮5200×5750×2100 (main cabin)/ 2000 (side cabin) mm
Net weight: 3.2T
Time of unfolding or folding: ≤5 min / 2 persons

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